Welcome to Natural Organic Makeup and Skin Care Resource!

This site is dedicated to bringing together information about the wonderful organic choices for our skin care and makeup that are available today.

Why organic? What is it? Who makes it? Where to get it? These are the questions I get all the time. The organic movement is growing faster and wider every day. There is so much out there, that it is too easy to get lost. And it’s only getting bigger…

My goal is to find the best natural skin care and makeup products and to share my findings with you. On this site you will how cryptocurrency works find detailed reviews, brand overviews, tips, tricks and anything else that can help us find our way in this brave new world of natural cosmetics.

As a guide to the site, please note that most of the articles are located in the regularly updated blog. There you will find some very popular reviews of organic products which I have been testing on myself. For example, there is a very detailed review of Dr. Haushka Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream, which I can no longer live without. There are also many useful editorials, book reviews, and homemade tips.

And, of course, if there is a topic that you wish for me to cover, please do not hesitate to contact me at julena at organicmakeupandskincare dot com.



Where to Start on the Site:

If this is your first time on the site I suggest you start by browsing through the blog. That really is the main component of the site. There are reviews and articles. Here are links to good starter information:

List of Ingredients to Avoid

Guide to Organic Certifications

Organic Skin Care Myths

Definition of Biodynamic

There are also some popular homemade tips. They are easy to make (most of the time requiring no work at all) and fun to experiment with:

The easiest homemade exfoliator ever

Cucumber and skin care


Shopping for Organic Skin Care and Makeup

Many of the products I profile can be bought online.  Whenever possible I provide links to reputable retailers.  There are some products that I think are great, but are not always easy to find.  I am still mentioning them because you never know -- your local health food store just might carry them.  Or they can be on a great deal on eBay.  Or you live in the country where they are sold everywhere.  Of course, if you buy from the links on this site, you'd also be supporting it, and I can maintain it better:) 

So if you want to support this site, buy from SkinBotanica.com -- they've got many wonderful brands, such as Dr. Hauschka, Nvey Eco, Suki, Eminence, etc, and they have a great shipping policy -- over $49 is free within US, and they do ship internationally. I also like the Amazon beauty store, because you can search for specific products and the number of sellers is constantly updated. You can frequently get a very good deal, without the hassle of signing up with hundreds of different retailers.

Last, but not least, take advantage of free samples. Many stores do not openly display them, but have them nevertheless. For example, anytime I am shopping for a new organic face cream at Whole Foods, I ask them for samples. Almost all the manufacturers make them and they supply them to retailers. So don't be shy to ask.