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Organic Skin Care Review — Pai Sensitive Skin Cream

I cannot even begin to tell you how much junk email I receive. It makes me tremble every time I open my inbox. So believe me, when I get a sample offer from a truly natural skin care company it is a welcome refresher.

But when a really good company contacts me, backs up their claims and then sends me samples that actually DELIVER on their promises – well that makes my day. And it makes me feel that by spreading the word about them I am actually doing something meaningful.

So, this is my review of Pai chamomile and rosehip sensitive skin cream. Yes, it’s a positive review. They deserve it.

But let me take it one step at a time.

Product name:

Pai Chamomile and Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream

What and who is it for:

It is a moisturizer for sensitive skin.


As of today the price on the company’s site is at $31.00 US, $39.90 CAD and GB £22.00


The cream comes in a glass bottle inside a recyclable box.

Reading the ingredients:

70% of the ingredients are organic. None of the ingredients look suspicious or unnatural. In fact the product is so pure that I was instructed to keep it in the refrigerator (which I promptly did – probably why it feels even fresher when I put it on).

Another nice thing about Pai is that they list all their ingredients in plain English. On the box every ingredient has the standard latin based name and the English explanation of it. For example, “butyrospermum parkii butter – shea butter”. Very convenient. Cause latin and me never really got along too well…

Other Claims:

Pai is certified by the Soil Association, one of the strictest and most reliable organic certifying bodies.

As a refresher, here is some information about the Soil Association’s standards:

  • At least 70% of a beauty product’s non-water ingredients must be organic.
  • These organic ingredients must be sustainably grown and harvested and extracted in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Products cannot contain parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol and other potentially toxic chemicals.
  • All non-organic ingredients have to pass strict toxicity and biodegradability criteria and carry a Non-GM certificate.
  • Manufacturers have to pass annual inspections and must keep meticulous organic production records.

And just to drive the point further, Pai products contain:

No artifical colors
No artifical fragrances
No mineral oils
No parabens
No petrochemicals
No phthaltes
No propylene glycol
No sulfates

And they are not tested on animals



Very pleasant gentle scent. Reminds me of spring flowers without overwhelming the senses.


It is a very light cream, extremely smooth with silky feeling.

What does it do on the face:

You know that commercial where the mouth sings from excitement caused by a drink? Well, my mouth never sang from a drink, but my skin sure sings praises to Pai. It sings: “thank you for making me moist, and soft, and baby-like. Thank you for making me smooth and gorgeous”.

I mean it. My face loves it. One time I had to apply the cream after being exposed for too long to a heating unit. I was flushed and dry and terrified, because usually creams in this situation sting like hell. But Pai was a real exception. I felt soothed and cooled down and ready to mimic right away. (Believe me, if you have a really dry sensitive face, you know the joy of being able to have facial expressions without pain…)

About the brand:

Pai is the new kid on the block. It has only been around since January of 2007. The founder, Sarah Brown, was inspired to create her own line after developing a bad skin allergy to everyday skincare products.

The name of the brand, Pai, means “goodness” in Maori, a name that Sarah chose because of her mother’s New Zealand’s roots, and because many of the ingredients in Pai have been used by Maoris for centuries in order to heal and protect the skin.

Since its inception Pai has received much favorable press, especially in the UK. It was featured in Marie Claire and Daily Express to name a few.


This is a fantastic product by a company that lives up to what the organic movement is all about. Huge thumbs up and congratulations to Sarah Brown for developing a product that truly delivers.

March 9, 2009   8 Comments

Organic Skin Care Perks – The Body Deli

A really unexpected perk from running this site is having high quality organic skin care companies contacting me and wanting me to review their products. Why’s that a perk? Cause they send me free trials :) . And hey, who doesn’t like free trials?

(Of course they also agree to my samples and review policy , just to make sure nobody expects a glowing review just cause they send me something… )

Anyways, a company I haven’t heard about before, The Body Deli , is one of the companies that contacted me, and upon reading about their products and philosophy I was intrigued. So I agreed to sample some products for them. And here is me delivering on that promise:

The Products:

Blueberry Fusion Antioxidant Scrub


Sea Cucumber Gelee

What and who is it for:
BFS is an exfoliant, while the Cucumber Gelee is a moisturizing gel.

About the brand:

As I haven’t heard about this brand before I had to do some online digging and rely on the information I received from the company. But overall the vibe I’m getting from them is very positive :)

So here is the gist:

Body Deli specialize in fresh, raw, organic skin and body care. Here is a quote from the flier they sent me “ our philosophy for a healthy lifestyle starts with a diet high in alkaline forming foods, enzymes, minerals, amino acids and rich in raw superfoods.” They’ve been in business for over 7 years now. And many of their products are so fresh, they require refrigeration…

You can read more about the company on their home page.

I also found that the founder had a blog going at The main site has a more regularly updated blog.


I received my two samples for free. But the prices on the flier say that the blueberry scrub costs $36 for 2 oz and the cucumber gelee is $45 for 2 oz.


Both products came in recyclable glass jars.

Reading the ingredients:

What can I say? They look good. Almost eatable and definitely pronounceable. Here is the list for the blueberry antioxidant:

Organic Aloe vera Juice, Colloidal Oatmeal, Guar Gum, Organic Blueberries, Xantham Gum, Diatamaceous Earth, Vitamin E, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Jojoba oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary Oil Extact, Fresh Cells of Pomegranate, Kiwi, Potassium Sorbate.

The cucumber gelee looks just as innocent :)


If I could use only one word, I’d say – “Fresh!”. Both jars smell fresh and real. The cucumber gelee reminds me of a green juice i make in the morning. And the Blueberry fusion – well, that one is just so delicious! It looks and smells like a fruit smoothie. In fact, every time I open the jar, I get smoothie cravings, because the berry smell is absolutely unmistakable. I have such a hard time putting this product on my face and not in my mouth…


The Sea Cucumber Gelee is a gel. It’s slightly slimy. The Blueberry Fusion has a texture of a thick smoothie.

What does it do on the face:

I dutifully used both products on my face. My impressions from the too are different. If you can’t stand suspense, let me tell you that one did absolute wonders, and the other didn’t quite deliver, on my face at least.

Let’s start with the not so glowing news – the Sea Cucumber Gelee. I applied it cold on my face, and at first I liked the cool sensation. But then it just felt like an oily film. I generally don’t fancy the idea of a gel on the face at all – I like creamy texture. But since this was sent to me as a sample, I didn’t have a say on what I got to try (or I would’ve begged to try the “crème de la rose” ;) ) So eventually I washed it all off, and put my regular cream on.

However, the Blueberry Fusion was a totally different story. The thing is, I have a horribly flaky skin. And on the particular day I decided to try it, I was supposed to go out for an important event. Therefore this was a do or die moment. I resisted the urge to eat this most deliciously smelling skin care product I’ve ever nosed, and applied it in a thin layer all over my face. Not wanting to take any chances, I only kept it on my face for a minute or so, and then washed it all of. My skin was the smoothest I can remember! It was a glorious moment, and even my husband noticed the difference right away. In fact he demanded that I do the same to his face as well (for the purposes of an objective scientific review, of course), and he loved the results as well. So, does the Blueberry Fusion deliver? You bet it does.


Naturally, if you’ve read the above section you know what it is. But I’ll reiterate anyways, just in case you skipped the rest of the post and are looking for organic skin care verdicts only…

Sea Cucumber Gelee by the Body Deli – I don’t particularly recommend it. It didn’t work too well or felt to pleasant on my face. But that could be just me. See if the company would send you a sample if you are really adamant about trying it out.

Blueberry Fusion Exfoliating Fruit Acid Polish by Body Deli – Yes! Yes! Yes! The smell alone makes it a great product. But the fact that it actually works wonders on a dreary flaky skin is its best selling point. Go for it. For sure.

January 29, 2009   8 Comments