Couleur Caramel

Parlez-vous français? Non? Well, Couleur Caramel certainly does, because it's a very popular French brand of organic makeup. They are EcoCert certified and 100% natural.

Couleur Caramel is a full range of makeup. Lipsticks, mascara, powders and more. In fact, this natural makeup line has over 150 products already.

Couleur Caramel makeup is a brainchild of David Reccole and Cédric Ferréol, who prior to this venture worked at a leading cosmetic house in France. (Rumor has it that the company was Serge Louis Alvarez, but I cannot confirm that with absolute certainty...).

The goal for this new company was to create a makeup range that adhered to the founders' core values of respect for humanity, animals, the environment and the planet as a whole. Thus the products use natural ingredients, Fair Trade where possible, never tested on animals. The products are free from parabens, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol and PEGs. The packaging is recyclable, and often recycled.

In late 2008 the company opened two concept boutiques in Paris. These “makeup cafes” (as they call them) feature all the brand’s products in a funky setting. To go along with the environmental angle of the brand, the boutiques feature recyclable furniture and chairs made from recycled metal. How neat is that?

Couleur Caramel is actually one of two brands manufactured by Nature.Cos, the parent company (the other one is Elysambre). This brand was born in April 2003, and gained popularity all over Europe in record time, especially in France, Italy and Belgium. It is also making a splash in Australia... But North America? Only in some spas... Darn...

It's official. I'm moving to Europe.