Elysambre is the second "made in France" brand manufactured by Nature.Cos. Many of the products are EcoCert certified. The line is free from parabens, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol and PEG.

The really unique feature of Elysambre is that it is refillable, and the packaging is made from recyclable materials. Thus when you run out of the lipstick or powder, you can simply purchase refills -- saving money and environment. What a beautiful and simple concept that is!

And the refilling technology is quite ingenious. For the powdery products Elysambre uses engraved metallic cases which are magnetized – so that the color “clicks” into place. Foundation comes in squeezable tubes that fill up reusable glass bottles. Even the lipstick is refillable! (And it comes in many amazing shades).

The brand is rather new -- created in September of 2006. And although it is gaining strong momentum in Europe, it hasn't made its way here (North America) yet. Which is just way too sad :( And also means that I can't give you any more information at this point... I think it's time we write a letter to Nature.Cos to hint that we've got a lot pretty women over here! Time to boost the distribution network!