Lavera has a great "made in Germany" and BDIH certified line of organic makeup (they also have skin care products, but that's a separate topic ). So it is 100% natural and contains organic ingredients.

Lavera is a full line with everything you need to enhance your eyes, face and lips. The lipsticks alone come in fourteen gorgeous shades -- seven in warm color range, and seven in cold color range. These soft and creamy lipsticks also function as lip moisturizers. And they are lanolin free!

Of course, all Lavera products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, SLS and all sorts of artificial colors and flavors -- but hey, it's organic makeup page, so that's to be expected ...

Many of the products (mascara, concealer, tinted moisturizers and foundations) are also vegan.

The company was founded in 1987 and it's name translates as "the truth" from Latin. The founder, Thomas Haase, was driven to study natural means of skin care (and later makeup -- for the ladies) because he himself had a skin condition (neurodermatitis) and needed something for it.

Skip some twenty years later, and this line is gaining around the world, and is a favorite with celebrities and us regular people everywhere. And it wins multiple awards, including BioFach's "Innovation Prize of The Year" for their Lip Gloss. And the concealer received "recommendation Product of The Year" in 2004.

And those are pretty impressive accomplishments.

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Some popular picks are:

Lavera Lipstick No.24 Orange Brown, 0.15oz, 4.5g

Lavera Powder Rouge No.1 Natural Apricot, 0.2oz, 6g

Lavera Eyeshadow Duo No.3 Sand / Brown, 0.12oz, 3.6g

Lavera Make-up Fluid Natural, 1oz, 30ml