logona pencils and eyeliner

Logona is another German BDIH certified brand. (I'm falling in love with BDIH certification, for, it seems to be one the strictest certification out there -- and the brands that pursue it are really dedicated to naturalness.)

Logona has been around for since the late seventies. It is a strong player on a very competitive market -- as you can probably see from the brands featured on this page, German organic makeup is much more advanced than pretty much anywhere else in the world. There are strong players, and strong regulations for what can and cannot be claimed as "natural". In the spring of 1999 Logona has successfully completed the "Environmental Audit" of its entire operation, conducted by the German government.

Logona routinely gets great reviews from OKO-TEST (a German monthly magazine that reviews products based on their naturalness and environmental friendliness.)

This line has complete organic makeup line, (in addition to face, body, hair care, baby care, etc...). They have a completely natural real red lipstick and lip-liner -- something considered impossible by most! I also find the eye shadow pencil to be a creative color solution -- easy for highlighting. They, of course, have regular powder shadows as well.

All in all, this is a line that warrants a lot of attention.

PS: did I mention that they also have natural hair color?