SANTE Cosmetics (SANTE Naturkosmetik)

And here is another full line of organic makeup that is BDIH certified. Not so shockingly enough, this is another excellent product that is much more readily available in Europe than in North America. Though it has found its way into some select health stores. So check yours, just to be sure. (Incidentally, if you are ever in Toronto, Canada, I've seen it at The Big Carrot.)

Why am I listing this makeup brand? Because I really like the BDIH certification. Getting BDIH is not as easy as just stumping "natural" on the label. There are actually pretty strict standards involved. Plus, upon reading about the ingredients in the products, I can't find anything objectionable.

Just to make a point: BDIH has these ingredients as unacceptable: "Synthetic coloring agents; synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated ingredients; silicones; paraffin and other petroleum products." BDIH also carries environmental responsibility regarding raw materials, manufacturing, and packaging. And social responsibility (Fair Trade).

But back to Sante. This organic cosmetics line offers 28 lipstick shades (12 matte, 12 shiny and 4 glossy shades), five lip gloss pens, eye liner, mascara, concealer, eye shadow powders and more. They also have 24 colors of nail polish… Though technically not a makeup, but I thought I should mention them anyways… And did I mention that ELLE Magazine's Green Issue gave the "Green Star Makeup Award" to SANTE's concealer? That's a pretty big deal in the beauty industry.

So, if you are lucky and there is Sante Naturkosmetik available around you, please let me know where you found it. The search for best organic makeup must be a united effort!