And now for something most original and creative. A 100% natural makeup that totally challenges your expectations... But don't worry -- in a good way :)

SukiColor is the brain child of Suki Kramer, who was driven to design her own natural skin care line (and later makeup line) because her ultra sensitive and eczema prone skin did not like the general offerings on the market. (Oh, how I can relate to that!). Thus the motto of the company when choosing ingredients is fair trade, organic, biodynamic and local whenever possible. All ingredients are required to be 100% natural and food grade. Therefore I feel comfortable classifying SukiColor as "organic makeup".  

This makeup line is unique, because its completely creamy as opposed to usual powders (though it does use pure minerals that have received so much media attention lately). And the little creamy jars are multi-tasking phenomenons. For example SukiColor Pure Cream Stain can double as lipstick and blush (take a look at suki pure cream stain lip/cheek - nectar for a sample). While the Triple Cream Eye definer (which comes in seven shades) can serve as liner, highlighter or shadow. Suki also makes a set of brushes to make the process easier. (But you can always use your own, and even use your ever present fingers - unless of course you are trying to create a thin tiny line. In which case - a firm brush, please!)   SukiColor also has mascara and various tinted moisturizers.

Due to the creamy nature the products blend easily and believably, and have even generated a strong Hollywood following contingent. As for me, a girl with very dry skin, the creaminess suits me perfectly, cause it not only gives my skin pretty colors, but also keeps it moisturized, while powders (especially in winter) tend to make me look flaky…

I also noticed that SukiColor makeup is available in most Whole Foods type stores. And they generally have testing jars lying around. So you can try it for yourself to see what shades strike your fancy.

Of course, you can also buy SukiColor online. carries a full line of Suki makeup (just look under brands).

Here are some popular products:

suki tinted active moisturizer - natural Pure, luxurious moisturizer with SPF 15.

suki triple cream eye definer - bisque

suki pure cream stain lip/cheek - vermillion

Suki also sells excellent professional brushes to be used with these products. They really are great. But you can do with a regular set of brushes as well. Don't feel that it is necessary to get Suki brushes to get the looks right. Your local drug store probably carries application tools that will do just fine :)

Last, but not least, a fellow blogger has posted a great video review of suki mascara and foundation:

Thanks, Andrea! It is nice to see a real woman's perspective as opposed to fake stylized commercials where you know the text is all rehearsed and the pictures are photoshopped.

My personal favorites are the lip tints. But I am biased -- I'm allergic to 99.9% of lipsticks on the market, so whenever I find something that I don't react to, I fall in love. Wouldn't you? ;)